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Use our powerful Escape From Tarkov cheats to enhance your gaming experience.
Our EFT cheat comes with features that you can find in product description below. All our products comes with a complimentary HWID spoofer.

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Reliable and great support!
If you know what you're doing, these will net you lots of In game success without a ban. Play smart and it's easy. 10/10
Good cheats. Easy on the wallet. Fun to play with. Will purchase again. :)
This is the real deal and you're getting the best.
Excellent all-in-one, unbeatable price, incredible up-time, and amazing customer service. What started as a month long trial, will turn into many more purchases.
littarely the best cheat for EFT raging is so fun, im killed so much streamers and their reactions were perfect
Yo, listen up, peeps! This EFT cheat is straight-up sick, and I'm here to lay down some facts! This thing is a game-changer, and I ain't playin' around. With CheatArmy, you'll be wiping the floor with those noobs like a boss. The silent aim is next-level, and don't get me started on the ESP—it's like having frickin' superpowers! I feel like superman seeing through walls. Plus, their support team? They're the real MVPs, especially Donger! So get CheatArmy, leave those scrubs in the dust, and become the ultimate EFT legend! #GetRektNoobs
Worked great, no bans, will definitely be checking out some of their other game exploits too. Would recommend
Brilliant cheese. Really smooth and presice aimbot amd esp is very clear. I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Thanks
killed some Chinese hackers with it.... i really hate Chinese hackers
This cheat is sooo good, worth every penny. Player1 and his community is great aswell. Very friendly people. Glad I found this! <3
Works great! Support was really friendly to solve my issues.
Hands down the best eft product I’ve used. Great product. Rep+
Damn dude. This silent aim is fire. Still haven't been banned after a week of testing. Planning to get the private version when my sub runs out!
100% the best one
Best Cheat ever used, BIG +rep!
Been using for 2 weeks now, no problems great customer service. 100% worth it
100% worth it. Very reliable, built in spoofer works amazing and the tool is not very buggy. 10/10 would definitely recommend
best eft cheats i have known this far very legit.

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- $14.99
- $55.00
- $110.00

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Intel AMD Windows 11 builds 21H2 Windows 10 builds from 1903-22H2
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