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    EFT updated

    Tarkov is now updated and safe. Please open a ticket for any compensation with POP. Lastly, please report any bugs (REALLY IMPORTANT) Thanks and have a great rest of your night.
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    (PLEASE READ)To avoid our cheats to stop.

    @everyone Latest window’s update will break our book. To avoid any issues please Launch Powershell as ADMIN on your PC and run the following code: ``` wusa /uninstall /kb:5004237 ``` Thanks for your cooperation. Have a great rest of your day.
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    I sent you your key, I'm trying my best :)
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    Chief, we were updating for latest game update. Product was down which explains your ban. Sorry.
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    ARK bug fixes

    @everyone ARK is updated. Following bugs are now fixed. ```- Storage Box ESP sometimes not working - Vault ESP sometimes not working - Turret Ammo Counter not working - Own Turrets Show on ESP``` Enjoy
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    APEX is re-worked, updated, and undetected. You can visit our website for new video. Thanks Possible for the video. Enjoy.
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    New Features on our Games

    Hey there gamers! We’re putting an effort to make our cheats better and more accessible to more people! We managed to implement a new system where our cheats will be streamable which means you now will be able to stream our cheats without being caught or called out! Currently implemented on...
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    Eft , DAYZ, R6

    @everyone DAYZ latest update push - crash issues are fixed. EFT is now updated and UD. 🙂 R6 safe too. Enjoy!!
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    Rainbow 6, DAYZ Update

    Rainbow and Dayz is updated. Enjoy.
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    Dayz Vouch

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    Dayz Update

    Updated for the latest patch.
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    hello to all

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    New Discord
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    Rust Update

    Hey gamers! We have updated Rust and tested it both ourselves and with our users. Its looking all good. Enjoy.
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    Dayz, R6 Update

    Updates pushed both for Rainbow 6 and Dayz. Both is safe. You can get back to it! Enjoy.