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    Chief, we were updating for latest game update. Product was down which explains your ban. Sorry.
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    ARK bug fixes

    @everyone ARK is updated. Following bugs are now fixed. ```- Storage Box ESP sometimes not working - Vault ESP sometimes not working - Turret Ammo Counter not working - Own Turrets Show on ESP``` Enjoy
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    APEX is re-worked, updated, and undetected. You can visit our website for new video. Thanks Possible for the video. Enjoy.
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    New Features on our Games

    Hey there gamers! We’re putting an effort to make our cheats better and more accessible to more people! We managed to implement a new system where our cheats will be streamable which means you now will be able to stream our cheats without being caught or called out! Currently implemented on...
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    Eft , DAYZ, R6

    @everyone DAYZ latest update push - crash issues are fixed. EFT is now updated and UD. 🙂 R6 safe too. Enjoy!!
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    Rainbow 6, DAYZ Update

    Rainbow and Dayz is updated. Enjoy.
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    Dayz Vouch

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    Dayz Update

    Updated for the latest patch.
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    hello to all

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    New Discord
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    Rust Update

    Hey gamers! We have updated Rust and tested it both ourselves and with our users. Its looking all good. Enjoy.
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    Dayz, R6 Update

    Updates pushed both for Rainbow 6 and Dayz. Both is safe. You can get back to it! Enjoy.
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    Settings to use^ Wild Dino works good, writing names and lvl, these will prevent you from crashing
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    Rust and Ark

    @everyone RUST NEW BUILD UPLOADED TESTED 1000% working, nothing extra need to do. ARK crashes fixed. It’s a good day, enjoy.
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    TEMP SOLUTION FOR RUST FOR THOSE WITH ISSUES: Once you see the menu on Main Menu (BEFORE JOINING A SERVER) disable auth list and cupboard esp in the esp-> other section. Then load into the game. This will resolve your problem. Enjoy for now. (new build tomorrow.)
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    ARK update

    Added AIM To ARK. Restart PC, reinject.
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    Rust and Rainbow 6 updated

    -Rainbow 6 is now updated and is safe to use. -Rust is also now updated for the latest patch. Please report any bugs through tickets, thank you. Enjoy.
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    EFT updated

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    Rainbow 6 Updated

    Rainbow 6 is now updated for the latest patch after the game update early this morning. You can now use it again. Enjoy!
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    Discord Update

    There has been a minor issue regarding discord. Some users got kicked out and all channels in it got deleted. I fixed it all. We are still on the same discord. You can join back via the "Discord" button at the top right side of the forum or by joining with this link