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    @everyone Last ping I’m leaving. Yasuo Skills are top level 🤠 Check out League Book. Big images small texts. Easy to read.
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    Looking to be a reseller?

    Contact me on discord.
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    League and Rainbow Update

    Rainbow 6 is now live. Uploaded a 1.0.1 for League Book, please download that as well. -For League Book DO NOT Change Any Evade Settings
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    Enjoying our Products, and Want free days added to your key?

    If so, please leave a vouch in the forums that we use to advertise. It would mean a lot for us. (Open a ticket once you do so!) Click on the game you play to be redirected and leave a vouch. Rainbow 6: Siege Escape From Tarkov League of Legends Rust Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Apex Legends
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    League of Legends Cheat Release

    Looking to spice up things on League of Legends? Our League of Legends Cheat/Script is now released, fully functioning. You can check out the features on our website. So many nice features on this book. Report any bugs that you come...
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    League of Legends

    Below, you can find the features of our League of Legends Script. Pricing could be accessed when you hit shop. (Supports all Champions) Best Works With: Screenshots (More to Come): You can purchase the product by clicking here.
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    @everyone EFT is updated. Check out our website for your book subscriptions. Open a ticket for more information. Enjoy.
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    Rainbow Crashes Resolved

    Rainbow Book crashes are now fixed. If it flickers that's normal (at the start) If there are crashes, please report it to me. (There shouldn't be any.) Thanks
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    Apex update

    @everyone Good evening/morning. Apex is now updated for the latest patch. Enjoy. Player1
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    Rainbow 6 Update

    Rainbow 6 Book is updated - Crashes are resolved. -Added 3D Box on ESP -Added Thickness Enjoy.
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    EFT Update

    EFT is updated. At this time I ask my users who need compensation to contact me please. Thank you.
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    Apex Updated for Season 7.

    Apex is Updated for Season 7.
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    House Check-In (Status, and more)

    Been a minute, figured I'll make an announcement to check-in with everyone. If you're having any issues with our programs please open a ticket, I'm here to help with anything. (I can connect to your PC and troubleshoot) Now, lets go through a status check: -Rainbow...
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    About Rainbow 6

    I'm happy to announce that, we're Cheat Army are one of the only R6 providers that are fully undetected right now. If any of you comes across any issues, just let us know or open a ticket. Stay safe everyone. Best, Player1
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    Rainbow 6 update

    Rainbow is updated. Spoofer is updated. (load eac) Enjoy.
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    Spoofer Cleaner

    Sorry to ping again essential info to not miss out on.. if you have been banned before from reading a book, and will be using our spoofer, you have to use the following cleaner. You have to clean every time you reboot your PC.
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    Rainbow 6

    Just wanted to confirm with everyone that Rainbow 6 is STILL SAFE. Enjoy.
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    Looking to be a reseller?

    Please contact me on discord, or open a support ticket.
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    Rainbow 6

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    Status of our Products (To clarify and misunderstandings.)

    I just want to clarify for everyone so we're all on the same page from this point onwards. Please refer to the following for the readability of our books; -Unfortunately spoofer is still NOT working. -Rainbow SHOULD be safe. (Will confirm shortly. Had issues because of the spoofer usage.)...