Announcement Regarding our Website and its Current Status (Please read carefully) // Date: January 3, 2023


Staff member
TLDR; Website is back up working as it should. Users registered after May 2022 need to open themselves a new account.

Hello CA Community.

As some of you know our website went down on January 2nd around 3.00PM EST due to a "crash" (source caused by the host.) This crash has caused a significant damage to our website in the extent that it wiped the whole data of the website, which unfortunately is NOT recoverable at this time. Due to this, we switched our host as they were lacking professional behavior as well as they were not putting any effort into fixing an issue their servers have caused, nor acknowledging the damage they have caused to us nor for you guys.

Now that we have a background context on what went down yesterday, lets talk about where we are at the moment. Where we are could be explained with one good news and one bad one.

The good news is... our website is back up and it's fully operational as intended. The bad news is... to get our website back operational again, we had to upload a backup which dated back to May, 2022. What this means is that, any activity that has occurred on our website since May (including but not limited to: announcements, registrations, purchases etc.) are not captured. The implication of this to you guys are, and I'm sorry when I say this, if you registered to our website after this date your account is wiped out. (Estimated 6000~ registrations)

If you have an ACTIVE Subscription with us, don't worry! Please check your e-mail from the date of the purchase and you will see a message containing your key (check spam mail as well). If you ABSOLUTELY can NOT find the said e-mail containing your code, please open a ticket and I will try accommodating your request the best I can, so that you guys can continue playing with your subscriptions.

For users who made a purchase after the website FIRST came back up and before I fixed all the small details (i.e users with expired keys) please ping me in your current tickets so I can issue you guys a fresh key.

At this time, I invite users who lost their accounts to make a new account on our website, and also I apologize for any possible inconveniences we could've caused due to trusting our hosting company. A lesson was learned today, and we will start taking monthly backups of our website, so nothing drastic like this happens again.

Thanks again for trusting us and staying patient in the process while we were fixing this. It means a lot! 🙏🏼

Kind regards,