Best Rust hacks 🥇 Safest Rust cheats, with aimbot and ESP, Radar Hack, Wallhack (HWID SPOOFER INCLUDED)


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We offer the best and undetected Rust cheats available. Fully customizable and lowest detection rates ✅ since its release. Get them now at

Have you ever been at a point you gathered many resources and suddenly you lost everything to some punk? Well, this will ensure that will never happen to you again! Our undetected Rust cheats will make sure you can overcome any enemy you encounter!

We only offer our own safe Rust hacks which are loaded with different options, have extensive ESP and wallhack options and always come included with special Rust aimbot features as they need to work for bows as well!

When hacking on Rust, you will notice how easily everything goes no matter what you try to do!

The best part it, it does not even cost you any loss of precious FPS as the we are also gamers ourselves and know how to give the best hacking results while giving you the best performance!

Each of our Rust wallhacks is customizable to ensure you enjoy it to the fullest as well!

Below, you can find the features and the pricing for our Rust Cheat. Pricing is also stated on the features list.


You can purchase the product by clicking here.

    Our Rust cheats are made by hand-picked developers among a sea of scammer to ensure you do not get the short end of the straw. No matter how much Facepunch Studios or EAC try with their unexpected updates, our developers know the game so well they are able to update our hacks within a matter of hours usually!
    And the good thing? Any downtime from our side is always compensated!
    We always ensure each Rust hack we provide to be safe so you can play it knowing your will remain undetected! Any signal we receive that may be indicated that there is a security issue with any of our hacks, we will immediately test it internally and change the status if necessary until we are sure everything it working accordingly!
    Naturally even for these cases, we give compensation! Your security is only second to your satisfaction!
    All our Rust cheats always come with standard features such as Aimbot and wallhacks, also known as ESP. However, each developer has done it their own way so you can always find the right fit for you! Some may add certain more risky features while others will keep it to a bare minimum to keep detection lowest. This way even on the feature level you can have a choice!
    We only offer undetected Rust cheats that include both ESP wallhacks and aimbot, as this is what we refer to as the minimum. We also require each one to be more customizable than just on/off. Preferably with color options and where loot is defined into categories to ensure everyone can use it for exactly what they need.
    The aimbot can also not be just active, it has to be adjustable so you can tailor it based on your own skills and needs!
    We try to keep the Rust hacks setup as easy as possibly. Entering the license key and pressing ENTER should be the hardest part, no more! Of course you may need to install some prerequisites but we have guides and a full technical staff to ensure that is no problem at all.
    There is never any technical knowledge required at any time!

    Our undetected Rust cheats are designed to give you the competitive advantage you need to ensure your victory on the battlefield, no matter what level your own skillset is on.
    When buying anything from Cheat Army you assure yourself of 3 important things:
    • Awesome Rust cheats that will let you beat any opponent no question
    • Safely use any cheat without getting detected by any anti-cheat system
    • You are dealing with the most trustworthy and customer friendly provider in the industry
    We only have 1 goal: give you the best and safest tools to ensure you dominate any Rust game you play!
    Not only do we ensure our Rust cheats are safe, we also make sure they will not clog op any of your PC resources so you can get the most out of your game while dominating at it as well!
    If you buy anything at CheatArmy you are ensured of our full support. We have almost 24/7 technical assistance in the Discord to help you out with any issues you may encounter.
    We always do our very best to help you out with any of our Rust hacks!
    CheatArmy QUALITY
    Here at Cheat Army we develop our own cheats and offer it to our valued users privately and in a slot based system.
    Unfortunately there are many providers out there who will sell you anything they can lay their hands on or only sell long periods of hacks that can go offline any time with no guarantee. You will not find any such malpractices here at Cheat Army!
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