Escape From Tarkov Cheat Testimonial


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Hey guys, I'd like to share my Cheat Army experience with you guys so far.

What can I say... great menu. Hands down to P1 and his work.. I've tested out at least 10 other menus before and none gets close to Cheat Army's EFT. I love that the menu is carefully built accounting for BE scans as well as features as visor effects etc. I am loving it.

Only thing I will ask is adding Streamable mode if it's already not included.

Using this for weeks, I would also like to say, great job on the latest Tarkov update too Player1. This shits been running great this month and I hope it stays that way for a long time!

Rock on!


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good stuff thats reasuring i just bought a day to give a little tester last time i used it probably 4-5 months ago i ended up getting my main banned a month or two in and quiting haha i was going to crazy at labs!