My experience with Cheat Army +Vouch


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When I first came to this website, I saw some people complaining so wasn't too sure if I wanted to use here. After talking to P1 (as I had to pay with PayPal), however, I decided to give them a shot. And oh boy I'm glad I did. Used their Rust cheat as well as EFT and had so much fun with them with no issues.

Straightforward tutorial and easy to navigate in menu.

I'd like to see them put silent aimbot on EFT but everything else is amazing. Especially Thermal Vision!!!

Rust... needs nothing, silent is amazing, esp is great and customizable.

Just wanted to post this for appreciation. Will definitely extend my subs.


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Hey, love to see a stout review! Could I by chance ask how EFT is treating you as of the last week?
My account is currently safe ?

That said, the status is set as updating as far as I see on the forum, so I'd prolly talk to P1 about it and see what's up! I also play Rust more than EFT so that might be the case.