{New Features} Important Update Regarding FIFA23 Cheats


Staff member
Dear FIFA 23 players,

We are excited to announce two exciting updates to our FIFA 23 product. These updates will significantly enhance your gaming experience and bring new features to your fingertips.

First, we have added a new "Opponent Info" feature. You can now check the name and platform of your opponent before advancing, allowing you to quickly determine if they play on PC, PS5, or XBOX. This will help you avoid wasting time and contracts on opponents when you meet PC players, since you can back off before advancing.

Second, we have implemented a new ball teleport method that is just as safe as before the TOTY promo. This new method will ensure that your gameplay remains fair and enjoyable.

We believe these updates will greatly improve your experience with FIFA 23, and we are committed to continuing to bring you the best possible gaming experience. If you haven't already, make sure to download the latest update to take advantage of these exciting new features.

Thank you for your continued support and happy gaming!

Best regards,
The CA Gaming Team