{Release} Private EFT Cheat (30 Slots)

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EFT_Private is now taking submissions.

There are 30 slots available and the slot counter is posted at the home page on the right hand side under private products.

You can open a ticket on discord for more details.

By purchasing this product you will get access to a private EFT Chat and you're guaranteed to get better support from our staff team.

Product is priced at $180/month. Prices may vary depending availability.


Player ESP

  • Boxes
  • Names
  • HP Bars
  • Distance
World ESP

  • Show Items
  • Show Meds
  • Show Guns
  • Show Valuables
  • Show Attachments
  • Show Clothing
  • Show Food
  • Show Corpses

  • Silent Aim
  • Memory Aim
  • Norecoil
  • Instant Aim
  • Aimbot Key
  • Aimbot Keybind
  • Aimbone
  • FOV
  • Smoothness

  • Thermal Vision
  • Disable Visor
  • Font Size
  • Crosshair
  • Crosshair Size
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Fly (Makes you not fall from edges.)
  • Loot Through Walls
  • Noclip
Private Addons

  • No inertia
  • No malfunctions
  • Item inside Container
  • Force quest items(needs to be enabled before starting a raid, will let you take quest items even if the quest isn't active and makes leveling up very easy if you know how to use this properly)
  • Quest items esp
  • Ammo ESP
  • Instant examine
  • Unlimited search
  • Corpse esp now shows the cost of items like a container
  • Ignore obstacles(wont slow you down when you enter a bush or something similar)
  • Ignore items inside a loot container if they are below the set price limit
  • Shows team members as a different color than the default
  • Fixed esp limit option not working
  • Game Time Changer (You can set a time in the game (i.e Make it day or night) Useful for Night Raids)
  • Max Magdrills Skill
  • Separated Ammo from Attachments section on ESP
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