rust ebook needs love -edit- improved alot


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the rust esp works when loading in for the first time besides the fact that it only works on about half of the players the other half have no esp marking. not only that but since half of the players arent marked with the esp you cannot use the "aim assist" on them. after you die then youre really screwed because the esp completely dissapears and does not work on player, nodes, world items, chests, nothing at all. so after death youre basically stuck with a useless UI on your screen. this is my honest review and i hope it gets better as i have used the tarkov stuff and it works very smoothly, but rust on the other hand need alot of love and work thank you for your time and player one thank you for the hard work and dedication to your website.

edit: also disabled secure boot fast boot and disabled windows defender and firewall. Don’t know where I could be going wrong!

got it working seems to be a rust update that was causing esp not to work, player 1 was timley with fixing it and i hopped on, also reinbursed me time for the time ihad a key and didnt play, the detection rate is low been on the same account for 2-3 weeks no raging, and im fine, thank you for your time and effort player1.
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