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I've used a total of 3 recipes in my time and this one is definitely up there with the best.

Here are the basic pros and cons:

  1. External ESP, can be used on stream - I promise you that lots of 'large' recipes use an internal system, never usable on stream or in screenshots.
  2. Flexibility is great. I've tried using other recipes in the past and they always end up not working. Their support will blame your Windows, even if you have the right version, ask you to fresh install etc - NOPE- None of that here. As long as you have one of the suggested Windows versions, it'll definitely work for you!
  3. Aimbot is very nice, especially for L96. You might have to use common sense a bit to help the aimbot with bullet drop, but it's amazing between 0-150m, never misses. Even with AK, you have to be careful because 100% HS at 100M isn't ordinary lol.
  4. Very easy to use, menu isn't cluttered.
  5. Loading/'Inject' process easy as can be.
  6. Stashes ESP!

  1. No loot boxes or Animals ESP.
  2. Loading/'Inject' process can be a tad bit annoying sometimes as it is recommended to reboot PC each inject. If you're using an SSD though, it's no problem at all.
  3. The support isn't super active, but I've had no issues that require support so far so I can understand why that's the case.
  4. No suggestions section. I'd love to make some.

Overall, solid recipe and for the price? It's absolutely 100% worth it. I've been using it for over 10 days now out of 30 days. I have been banned from servers but not EAC, but this is because I was abusing the Stashes ESP and got caught by auto-detection and admins. Just don't run around opening stashes guys, lmao.
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How do u open the menu? lol
Insert. If it doesn't show up for you try alt+enter (puts game in windowed) and once it shows, alt+enter again. If that doesn't work try making a ticket to see what could be wrong :)