Weekly key giveaways!


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Hello all,

Read our following message carefully to potentially win a free week key!

  • We're now going to start doing weekly giveaways to better interact with our community. What we're asking from our users to participate is to record their gameplays with our cheats and get a good play clipped. Best play will win the giveaway, and their clip will be displayed on our website for the week. In addition to that, the winner will receive a week key to a game of their liking. Submissions will close on Friday every week and the winner will be announced on the following Sunday. You can submit your clip by starting a conversation with Player1 on our forum. Any questions you might have contact P1 either on discord or with a forum ticket.
Winners are eligible to participate again to win more keys if they wish to!

First winner will be picked this upcoming Sunday, November 28.

Good luck to everyone!