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Okay right off the back once you inject and start Dayz you'll notice that it was injected. 10/10
You have a few options for ESP, It works great, sometimes cuts in and out but overall ESP is good.. 9.5/10
Aimbot I didn't get to play this is all that much, I can't say it work or it didn't.

Overall this was a pretty smooth injection and very simple, If you want to use hacks in Dayz I think this is a very good and safe option it hasn't been 24h since I used it, I had about 6-9 hours of use, so far I am in the clear.
+vouch Norecoil works perfectly along with esp. No spread works well! great chair would definitely purchase again. Instant delivery too.
Perfect at everything, esp doesn't get in the way, the aim doesn't look unnatural, really allows for some cheeky things
For Rust Cheats in Rust
Amazing product def gets me thru the wipe
Perfect, no recoil is insane
Best Cheat ever used, BIG +rep!
For Rust Cheats in Rust
I bought this product just for a test but damn was I impressed with it. Thank you Cheat Army!
Been using for 2 weeks now, no problems great customer service. 100% worth it
100% worth it. Very reliable, built in spoofer works amazing and the tool is not very buggy. 10/10 would definitely recommend
best eft cheats i have known this far very legit.
Best cheat for R6 out there CA for real the best <3
Best tarkov cheats on the market, everything you could ever want is inside
Absolute Best R6 Cheat on the fkn Market! CA ON TOP - KingTM