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For DAYZ Cheats in DAYZ
Best magic bullet and no performance issues +1
Excellent cheats I highly recommend
For DAYZ Cheats in DAYZ
love this site
For Rust Cheats in Rust
love this thing. being able to add and remove the background text and change the colors on things is huge since im a duetan colorblind. ive tried others and i keep coming back to P1 because it just works. and the price is great too, especially since i dont have to pay for a spoofer since theres one included. the guide on how to get your computer ready for everything is super easy to follow too. the UI is nice and clean, its great. and unlike pretty much everything else ive tried, this one doesnt crash every half hour on me. its never crashed on me, and i have 8 hour sessions sometimes. 10/10 am buying again.
For Rust Cheats in Rust
best cheat
amazing product with the right staff to help you whenever an issue arises. wouldnt use anything else
good cheat works amazingly and very smooth no bans at all
Works extremely well, and comes with an optional spoofer for no extra cost. Has features for both raging or a more "legit" playstyle. Have had little to no issues, and if there were any, support was more than helpful to get things working (usually user error). Very customizable, and updated frequently with new features or optimizations, overall a great experience.
awesome cheat lvl 38 on EOD and started the cheese right when i started very trusted
Very nice clean cheese
For DAYZ Cheats in DAYZ
get banned after using 24h
Level 25 on fresh account, full headshot rage for 3 days straight with no ban. Best on the market +1
I used the EFT cheat for 1 day and went quite blatant and did not get banned, its a really good cheat for its price, some other cheats cost like 3x more and are worse. The Menu is really simple so its easy to set it up to play new customers will get used to it very fast, Key delivery was also fast. Cheat did not bug out or crash once on me (depends on PC i think). ESP was also working constantly, Aimbot and Silent aim were perfectly fine for me.